Booking this super villain!

     That is correct! You can, in fact, book this character to come and promote your show! With years of experience and many successful venues hosted, this character can bring an energetic and fresh performance to your convention or expo! From hosting events, speaking on panels, MCing masquerades, and many more. There is a variety of public speaking experiences you could bring to your show! 

Panels and events

Evil 101 with Dr. Terawatt:

     Have you ever wanted to fight against the established order? Has society failed you? Have you ever felt the urge to execute evil schemes, start evil organizations, and take over the world? Why not become a super villain! In this panel Toronto’s greatest super villain and evil genius, Doctor Terawatt, talks about the basics of villainy and how to avoid the classic pitfalls of a life of evil! 

Creating a Better World with Dr. Terawatt:

     So you’ve done it! You’ve taken over the world! But what now? How will you shape the planet in the days to come? In this panel Dr. Terawatt talks about what he would do if/when he succeeds in taking over the world, and how he will make it a better place! 

Evil Laughter Contest:

     Do you think you have an evil laugh? Does your sinister cackle cause others to shiver with fear? Does your maniacal giggle make mortals cower in terror? Do you maybe just add a little more "BWA" to your "HA"? Then come on out and prove it! Hosted by none other than Toronto's greatest super villain and evil genius, Doctor Terawatt, the Evil Laughter Contest will measure your howls, whoops, and snickers against your peers! Unsure if you can laugh with the best of them? Fear not! The not-so-good-Doctor also throws in a beginners course on how to laugh like a super villain! 

Hosting and MC-ing

     The character Doctor Terawatt (played by Conal MacBeth) can be a great addition to your list of entertainers and hosts at your convention. With years of experience MCing masquerades, and leading all manner of panels, Doctor Terawatt can keep your patrons lively and entertained for hours! 

Cost and terms

      Typically the costs to bring Doctor Terawatt out to your event is travel, a hotel room, food, and either a table in the dealers area or a small retainer fee. Feel free to contact us here to discuss details! Additional fees may be added depending on the distance traveled, amount of content being asked to perform, and/or other variables. We look forward to working with you! 


     "Doctor Terawatt is an excellent guest to have at your con! He is an asset to the content schedule as his panels are enjoyable and always very well attended. He is friendly and personable, while still being very professional. He is always a pleasure to work with, and we love to have him at our convention."

- Caitlin Thompson


     "Having Doctor Terawatt at G-Anime with us was a delight, he is a very professional individual and we are looking forward to working with him again. He is an incredible entertainer and the attendees were left asking for more, in bigger rooms. We have nothing negative to say about Doctor Terawatt, he was very punctual to all his engagements and gave the same high energy and same level of entertainment weather it was early in the morning or later in the day.

      On behalf on the entire team of the convention, I would like to personally thank Doctor Terawatt for making the convention that more entertaining."

- Audrey Bisson


     "It is with great pleasure that I recommend Conal ‘Doctor Terawatt’ MacBeth as a guest for your convention. His consistent notoriety as both a memorable and accessible super-villain has provided a unique charm and community focus to our convention for countless years. He has led or taken part in an incredible breadth of panels and guest content that which has always been a pleasure to facilitate.

As a hilarious MC, a great part of our game shows, a contributor to our promotions, and a friendly face at an autograph signing, it has honestly become difficult for me to imagine ConBravo without Dr. Terawatt there.

Feel free to reach out to me directly for any further confirmation, it is a pleasure to endorse him."

- Luke Williams


     "Doctor Terawatt has always been a joy to have as a guest. He spends time talking with his fans and everyone else, and has always been willing to run the Evil Laughter Contest at Quinte Mini Con. His time being Master of Ceremonies alongside Savage Bandito was always good for a laugh and knows how to get the crowd excited for what they're about to see. I've always been so happy to invite him and he's always so much fun to have."

- Gabby A. P. Wilson

Quinte Mini Con

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