Doctor Terawatt:

Name: Brian S. MacNamara

Daily Alias: Unknown

Born: Vancouver BC 1985


Height: 5’9”

Weight: 130 lbs

Eye colour: Green

Hair colour: Brown

Known Capabilities:

- Genius intellect allowing for the production of extremely dangerous technological equipment and weapons.

Known Equipment:

- Tech-weave suit and lab coat.

- Propulsion dress shoes.

- Electro-shock power gauntlets.

- Round sunglasses.


- The doctor got his start into the sciences at an early stage. Grew up in rural Fergus Ontario. His father was a chief researcher in a government funded facility. Their house was on the facility grounds. We believe this to be his first interest in mad science and his first exposure to figures such as Professor Skull. Graduating several years early he was offered a position at Marrow Industries, an international evil organization, and disappeared.


- After being acquired by Marrow Industries there is a gap in surveillance and financial records. From 2002-2007 Brian was off the grid until he arrived in Toronto, announcing himself as a villain in 2008.


- With regards to his earlier career as a villain, we have just a few police reports and our surveillance footage. This could indicate a struggle of morality as, with the exception of Professor Skulls forces, Doctor Terawatt has a zero body count. Most of the on-site forensic evidence has led us to believe the Doctor was developing and implementing non-lethal weaponry. Possibly with the focus on that becoming his exclusive arsenal. Such weapons included a sonic weapon he named the "pain ray", concussive wave emitters, we even have one report of him interfering with local criminal elements and villains, preventing their activities in his territory. Now, we cannot determine at this time if this was a statement of dominance for other villains or if he was showing legitimate concern for the community.

- In 2008 Doctor Terawatt “debuted” with several failed attempts at taking large groups of hostages at some local geek conventions on stage during a masquerade presentation. He had limited success at FanExpo 2009. But as no deaths or injuries were reported, and no demands were made, it is safe to assume he was simply attempting to make a name for himself.

- Later in 2009, Doctor Terawatt had an altercation with a known meta-human, The Savage Bandito . This incident that’s thrown off our psych profile. The Doctor mainly uses non-lethal weaponry, but he used over six gigawatts of electricity to take Bandito down during the fight. It is possible Terawatt knew the blast wouldn't kill him. When the altercation concluded, Doctor Terawatt and The Savage Bandito joined forces. 

- In 2010 He began broadcasting on an encrypted frequency that was put up on YouTube. He called it "The War Front". A harmless vlog. He mostly yelled about things. He wasn’t forthcoming about any details about his past and it seemed like he was trying to work out his ideology during many entries. 

- It is at this time he began to have varying altercations with the unregistered enhanced, Captain Awesome. He apparently tricked Awesome into the two of them spending time together. We believe they call each other “Frenimies” now. 

- On May 16th 2011, the local mercenary Ace of Blades was hired by Professor Skull to assassinate Terawatt. Due to some kind of financial trouble on Skulls part. Ace changed sides. Now Ace is his chief of operations.

- At the 2011 Canadian National Steampunk Exhibition’s Mad Science Fair, Doctor Terawatt unveiled a mechanized suit of powered armor. He called it the ‘Mechanolith’. Professor Skull hijacked some equipment from other contestants and attacked Doctor Terawatt. He was swarmed by an estimated 275 of Skull's test subject minions. Estimated because not all the cadavers were intact. Or even whole. However Terawatt somehow survived. His mechanical suit was not so lucky. 

- After that the reports get sketchy. Terawatt started to move around a lot. He had reported contact with the Ninja with a Soul Patch, Doctor Israel Forge, and Professor Hades.


- He allegedly attacked a group of young citizens with dynamite but none were seriously injured somehow. 


- Officer Lynn of the Toronto PD almost lost her career investigating him in 2013. 


- A devastating bout with The Famikamen Rider and Marzgurl in 2012 at Con G. 


- There's a bunch of notes about mustaches and cows that this agent finds of little importance so it will not be listed here.


- The underground villain hideout called The Black Hat Lounge burned down in early 2016. Doctor Terawatt was known to be a patron there before it was destroyed.


- He also destroyed a newspaper editor's car. From space. 

- Recently there was another altercation with Professor Skull's minions in a church located in downtown Toronto. 

 It seems Terawatt was killed on sight but his body was recently reported missing from the city morgue. 

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