Professor M. Hades


Daily Alias: UNKNOWN

Born: Unknown. Intel suggests Ontario Canada.


Age: Appears mid twenties. 


Height: 6’0” (estimated)

Weight: 200-300 lbs (estimated)

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Brown

Known Capabilities:

- Subject appears to have a rare genetic disorder, called congenital analgesia. This significantly increases his pain threshold, the limit to which has not been fully determined.

- Current information as to the range of Hades  "Magical" abilities has yet to be concluded. Further intel required.

Known Equipment:

- Large hooks made from a yet unknown alloy. These hooks appear to drain stamina from their targets. Further intel required.


- Ambitions of taking over the world.


- Self Proclaimed Greatest Super Villain.


- Displays an air of refinement and calm in most circumstances.


- Shows interests in other individuals' "Magic" abilities and unique "Enchanted" items. Examples include Recluse the "swamp witch".


- Information on Hades' past is currently fragmented and difficult to pinpoint. Other than his attendence and graduation from "Evil Genius University" Several years ago with a Masters in "Magic".


- No indication to family's true identity.


- Blood sample proved no matches on file or from outside sources. 


- After graduation he began his forays into villainy and established his own organization, UnderWorld Industries.


- U.W.I Currently Not listed on TSX.


- Current location of operations: unknown.


- Current employees and affiliates: unknown

- Began establishing a name for himself in 2011.


- Was seen frequenting confirmed villain hideout "The Black Hat lounge". Now defunct due to fire caused by (REDACTED Level 7 clearance required)

Association with other individuals on file: 


- Evil Incorporated Dr. Terawatt 

Seen to be on good terms with the Doctor despite their positions as Super Villains. Has been seen offering advice on "magic" based inquires, to Evil Inc.

- Ninja With The Soul Patch.

Previously, the two were in constant feuds with one another.  Property damaged estimated at (REDACTED) This appears to have been cast aside or resolved due to some unseen circumstances. Surveillance shows they are civil in one another's company.

- K.O. Kendra.

Seen sitting with and drinking with K.O Kendra on multiple occasions. Shown to have a mutual respect for one another, and enjoy each other's company immensely. 

- The Dominatrix.

Seen leaving the black hat lounge together after a night of drinks and dinner, however not spending the night together.

Other affiliations are of too low of an interaction and unknown to be noted. To reduce redundancy  these fields will be filled in, with future developments, when required.  

Classification Under DMHC : 

If found in public he is to be considered potentially armed and dangerous. Do not pursue alone. Call for back up and approach with extreme caution.

Post File analysis:

Seen to be quite the ladies man. Many have bestowed him, with a rhythmic play on his name. "Professor Hades, gets all the ladies." Unclear if this should be observed and or researched further.

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