Daily alias: Spooty Poots (online handle) 

Born: Ontario Canada.


Age: est. 20-30


Height: 5’7”

Weight: 150 lbs

Eye colour: Green

Hair colour: Brown

Known Capabilities:

- Hemomancy 

- Chloromancy

Known Equipment:

- Chemistry equipment from various eras

- Hazardous materials storage container labelled "Epidemiology"

- CRISPR equipment 
- A large quantity of Cas9 and cellulose


-  Recluse is known widely as a bioterrorist. She has referred to herself as a swamp witch and a blood witch.


- She has astounding knowledge and control of plantlife and nature, employing scientific method while very clearly using magic.


- Her most notable achievement is the growth and control of a massive amount of stachybotrys chartarum (black mold). Though it is unknown how much of this creature "Ouaghl't" there is, Recluse has stated that it covers the entirety of the Niagara Region.


- Her motives have always been to thin the population of humans to restore the atmosphere and reverse global warming.


Note: When entering Recluse's domain, wear respiratory protection, decontaminate body, and incinerate clothing after leaving.


Note: Attempts to detain Recluse prove dangerous, sometimes lethal.


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