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Want to show your support of a better world to the rest of the human race? Want everyone to now what the greatest evil organization is?! Well now you can! Sporting a wide range of products like t-shirts, dresses, mugs, clocks, leggings, bags, bed sheets, and more!

Are you not fond of the standard logo? Are you prone to spilling food on your clothing? Maybe you just prefer items that look a little darker? Well worry not! We now have a range of dark Evil Inc. products available! 

So we were trying to find ways to fund my new suit of powered armour that DIDN'T involve robbing banks, and we somehow settled on the idea of making a sexy calendar. If the fire fighters can do it, so can we, right? Come check it out! 

Photo prints have always been a huge thing for us here at Evil Inc. Brave citizens love to pick them up at our table at conventions and have them signed. But they are not always in stock! So, for your convenience, we offer you this option to buy them online! Then the next time you see Doc he can sign it for you! 

Doctor Terawatt of Evil Inc. has been working in the business of short films and live entertainment for over a decade. It's evil entertainment you can count on!

Over 10 years of experience

- MCing live events and shows

- Hosting panels on super villainy

- Leading seminars on evil

- Tech prop construction

- Short film and series writing

- Discussions on world domination

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We are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.