Height: 5’8”

Weight: 195 lbs

Eye colour: UNKNOWN

Hair colour: Blonde

Known Capabilities:

- Unnaturally proficient stealth and agility capabilities. Possibly a non-meta human. Unlikely. Further intel required. 

Known Equipment:

- Knives. Lots of them.


-  Ace's origins trace back to his days as a culinary school student desperate to make ends meet. He sought out a mercenary group with the promise of quick, easy money, taking out various targets commissioned by anonymous clients.


- After a few years of shadowing other mercenaries in the group, he was given his first solo assignment; assassinate Dr. Terawatt. After finding out the client's deposit didn't go through while in the middle of the assassination, he decided to abandon the group and work for the doctor; who was surprisingly acquiescent about befriending the man who just tried to kill him with a butcher's cleaver. 


- Years passed and as the two caused havoc and grew the organisation, Ace decided to take a leave of absence from his post and hone his skills in Terra Enigma, more commonly known as Australia.


- For several years he survived in this hostile land and became as deadly as the beasts that inhabit it. 


- Recently he has returned to his post as Head of Operations for Evil Inc.

The Ace of Blades

Doctor Terawatt of Evil Inc. has been working in the business of short films and live entertainment for over a decade. It's evil entertainment you can count on!

Over 10 years of experience

- MCing live events and shows

- Hosting panels on super villainy

- Leading seminars on evil

- Tech prop construction

- Short film and series writing

- Discussions on world domination

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