-begin transmission-

I made a mistake. A huge mistake. I shouldn't have done this. I should not have done this. I could lose my job over this. Or worse. I could get fucking erased like REDACTED did. 


ok. i was digging through some old files looking for information on the REDACTED incident. I should have just asked for REDACTED REDACTED clearance like I was supposed to. I'm so stupid.


I found a profile that links to the director of the fucking D.M.H.C.the information was mostly erased but I managed to recover a few things. First off, his name isn't REDACTED. It's REDACTED.  It was changed almost twenty years ago. He was listed as having class A ranked super strength and durability making him nearly invincible. But that's not the worst of it. Normally when we find enhanced targets like this they can just be detained and flipped. We have a whole manual on the procedure. Easy peasy. 

but no. The file also talks about how he might be able to manipulate fucking time! or something like that? They never got a full read on it. All they know is that every time they came for him, every shot they made, he knew. He knew every fucking time. he was ready for them. 

So many agents died and were reported missing in other assignments. Why would they cover this up?


Does he know now? Does he see me here? Oh god. I think

-end transmission-

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