Warden Sever:

Name: Aidan Sever, M.D.C.M

      (Medicinae Doctorem et Chirurgiae Magistrum)

Daily Alias: Warden Sever

Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada.




Height: 5’10” VARIABLE 


Eye colour: Brown VARIABLE

Hair colour: Brown VARIABLE

Known Capabilities:

- Master of Surgery

- Expertise in biological and superorganic sciences

- Slightly enhanced strength and reflexes

- Registered Immortal

- Variable bio-physiology 

Known Equipment:

- Nanofiber Micromesh Lab Coat (Terawatt brand)

- Auto-injector (Terawatt brand)

- Vector Scalpel (Unknown Origin)


- Warden Sever owns and runs a private medical facility that specializes in experimental medicine. Funded primarily through the Forced Enhancement Procedures sold to private corporations and national militaries worldwide.


- Due to his extremely specialized skillset, the Department for Meta Human Control maintains a reluctant working relationship with Dr. Sever. Despite his questionable ethics and villainous lifestyle, he has displayed occasional willingness to use his skills and resources to save lives of DMHC staff and clientele in emergency situations.


- On record surviving multiple lethal encounters prior to his DMHC registry as an Immortal in 2015. It is unknown exactly which method was used to achieve this status, though it is likely a result of his self experimentation.



More information necessary.

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